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An Environmental Initiative

We partner with design companies that improve the lives of our customers and the environment around us


We’re committed to providing a sustainable future and conserving our earth’s precious resources.


Waving Plastic Away - an environmental initiative

We partner with companies that design products to improve the environment. With this goal in mind, we’ve created the Waving Plastic Away initiative, partnering with environmental organizations that help make the world a greener place.

This initiative acheives two things: reducing our environmental impact and raising funds for efforts to help restore our oceans and shores from the damage of plastic waste.


We hate plastic! Plastic waste is among the biggest dangers to our oceans, from the mid-ocean gyres to our shores, the flora and fauna of the ocean is almost literally choked by this glut of waste.

Did you know that over the last ten years, humans have produced more plastics than the entire 20th century?

Waving Plastic Away strives to partner with leaders in the manufacturing industry that help reduce this dangerous plastic waste.


Our partnerships with design and manufacture firms strive to reduce the environmental impact of tech accessories and plastic-based products. We hate plastic, and replacing it with sustainable, reclaimable materials such as bamboo and aluminum in products is something considered from design to manufacture.

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A portion of profits from all our e-commerce stores is donated to help fund the environmental organizations we have partnered with; the profits fund direct action and education to help restore our oceans and shorelines.